Planting Potatoes!

We have received our seed potatoes and onion sets at the Windmill Garden Centre!

We have a nice selection of specialty potatoes as well, like the Caribe which always goes quickly, so come down soon and pick up your bag today. If you aren’t sure how to plant potatoes but would like to start, here’s a little po-ta-to in-fo!

The first step to planting a high yielding potato patch is making sure you have fertile soil. Potatoes do well in a soil that is slightly acidic, loose, and sandy. There are certain things you must avoid with potatoes such as lime and fertilizers high in nitrogen as this can cause scabs on your potatoes. Use a fertilizer high in potash for nutrients, and add some aluminum sulphate if your soil is not acidic enough, just avoid getting any on your tubers.

To get the potatoes ready for planting, you have to let the eyes sprout, which is called “chitting”. To “chit” a potato simply means you are allowing the potato to grow a sprout. Just stand the potatoes with their eyes up in a tray, and in the company of some natural light. When the shoots are almost an inch long you may plant them outside! This is not necessary but apparently it helps.

Plant the potatoes outside when the soil has started to warm. This would be right away here in Medicine Hat. Be careful when you are planting not to break off the sprouts and make sure the sprouts are facing up. Lightly cover your potatoes with soil. As the sprouts grow taller, more soil should be added to the pile to keep the potatoes safe from the sun. Watering is essential especially in the hot summer months. For pesky bugs add nematodes to your garden. They will attack those pesky wireworms that like your potatoes as much as you do!
By June you should have enough potatoes to make some tasty French fries! Dig up the potatoes as you need them as they keep better in the ground, and most of all… have fun!!


Happy Spring Everyone!

Yesterday it was offically Spring! If you live in Medicine Hat that means snow, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start planning our summer gardens. The following websites will help you with composting tips and other cool ways to stay green this summer.

and Here!

Also check out Medicine Hat’s bedding plant of the year and see if you want it in your flower beds this year!
Medicine Hat’s bedding plant of the year is rudebeckia!

Rudebeckia is a great flower to plant in the prairies and it attracts butterflies!


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Spring may not have fully arrived, but all of our seeds have!

We have started getting ready for spring at the Windmill Garden Centre, and we have all you need to get planting at home. Some seeds you might want to start now are:
-You may also start some vegetables, like peppers or tomatoes; however keep in mind that you will need to transplant them at least once before they go outside.

As for Bulbs we now have Cannas and Begonias for starting indoors. Start them now so you can have a beautiful display in the summer time.

If you need any help come down and see our friendly staff and they will be happy to help you.