Happy Spring Everyone!

Yesterday it was offically Spring! If you live in Medicine Hat that means snow, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start planning our summer gardens. The following websites will help you with composting tips and other cool ways to stay green this summer.

and Here!

Also check out Medicine Hat’s bedding plant of the year and see if you want it in your flower beds this year!
Medicine Hat’s bedding plant of the year is rudebeckia!

Rudebeckia is a great flower to plant in the prairies and it attracts butterflies!


Just A Little Hello!

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While we get all of our new stock out we will show you some snapshots of some of our furry (and feathered) friends at the windmill. We are receiving all of our fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides at the moment and should have everything out soon!

Oh and we have also received a huge shipment of plastic pots. We will have some pictures and a more informative post soon!

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