Ugly Nest Caterpillars

There have been many people coming in lately with a silky mess in their trees. These are most likely Ugly Nest Caterpillars. Right now these guys have eaten their share of leaves in your tree but are getting ready to change to a moth and fly away from your sight all together. They are protected by their nests at the moment and cannot be treated with poisons. So don’t even bother! If these little devils are really bugging you, you can try removing them from your tree by hand. Simply cut off the branch nesting these caterpillars and throw them in a garbage bag, or burn them. They will not harm your tree, and they have most likely already eaten all they needed so no more leaves will go missing. Relax your garden and trees will be fine. Nature can be a little bit messy.

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Happy Spring Everyone!

Yesterday it was offically Spring! If you live in Medicine Hat that means snow, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start planning our summer gardens. The following websites will help you with composting tips and other cool ways to stay green this summer.

and Here!

Also check out Medicine Hat’s bedding plant of the year and see if you want it in your flower beds this year!
Medicine Hat’s bedding plant of the year is rudebeckia!

Rudebeckia is a great flower to plant in the prairies and it attracts butterflies!

Fungus Gnats! Ewwee!!

Who has gone to water your beloved house plant and been greeted by those little black icky flies. If you have please don’t worry!!

Fungus Gnats are gross and icky looking but they are really quite easy to get rid of. They are a common winter problem for indoor house plants.
The adults fly up when you water the plants, while their larvae feed on decaying plant matter, fungus and sometimes the roots of the plant. If you notice them act quickly! The faster you get rid of them the less likely they will get to your other plants.

First of all check if you have been over watering your plant. Fungus gnats LOVE wet soil and will thrive in it. Most plants like to dry out between watering so just hold back and it should be fine. If you try this and you still find these little guys, you have some options.
1. Get some sticky tapes, to trap the adults and keep them from laying more eggs (females can lay up to 200 eggs in the soil it is living in).
2. To kill the larvae you may apply an indoor safe insecticide to the plant like Trounce. It is completely natural and non-synthetic, made out of plant and animal oils, mainly chrysanthemums. It does not harm children or pets. Please follow directions given and do not use harmful insecticides inside your home.

As a preventative measure always try to buy good soil and eliminate natural habitat by allowing plants to dry out between watering.

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