Mothers Day is Coming!


Hello everyone, we are just sending out this reminder that mothers day is coming and we do have some ideas for you. The Butterfly  House will be open all weekend (Friday 9am-8pm and Sat-Sun 9am-6pm) so why not bring your mom down to check out some butterflies and wander our tropical garden.

We also have gift certificates available in any denomination you need, or buy her a nice planter designed by our bedding plant experts. Whether shade, or sun we have something for you or for your mom. So come see us this weekend!



New Friends in the Butterfly House

So we’ve had a few additions to the Butterfly House that we didn’t really expect. First off we spotted some new baby quail! Very cute I must say! Then we found that some of our atlas moth caterpillars had hatched and the caterpillars are eating and eating, getting ready to make a cocoon.¬† Here are some neat pictures, but nothing beats coming in and seeing it in person!

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Fall Sweaters, Tulips… and coffee??


Well, the weather is still pretty nice (knock on wood), but there is that crispness in the evening and the morning that is nagging us to get our sweaters out. This means that some preparation is in order to get ready for fall. We have just recieved our fall bulbs, and we have our fall lawn fertilizer out. Our mulch is on sale right now for $1.00 off/bag! Other than that, some fall pruning and then let those perennials, trees and shrubs go dormant, and put the annuals in the compost bin.

Once you have your bulbs planted and you’ve tucked those plants in for their winter nap, what better way to kick back than with a hot beverage. What would you think if the Windmill Garden Centre could serve you up a tasty London Fog, or a yummy mocha? We hope to be able to do that for you very soon, so when you come down to look at our Christmas trees you can have a hot tasty coffee treat! If you are excited about this leave a comment or like this post on facebook. We would love to hear your thoughts!

We do still have perennials, trees, and shrubs which are still alright to plant as long as you water, water, water! Anywho, make sure to leave a comment, and have a happy weekend.

Love the Windmill Garden Centre

Atlas Moth Back in Town!

We have the Atlas Moth once again. We have been asked to share when it is out so that our butterfly/moth lovers can come and take a peek! We hope you can come down to see this lovely piece of nature up close and personal!


Blue Morpho Madness

The butterfly house is stocked full of Blue morphos these days, and they aren’t afraid to land on you!

Come down for a beautiful experience with some beautiful butterflies!

We also have some great summer sales on right now. All bedding plants and flowering hanging baskets are on for half price, and our perennials are all 30% off! Come visit this weekend!

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The Atlas Moth (Attacus atlas)

We have a new friend at the windmill garden centre, but he may only be here for a short time. The Atlas moth is a large moth found in tropical and sub-tropical southeast Asia. They are one of the largest moths around, the female gender being the largest.
The moth takes 4 weeks to emerge from its cocoon and lives 1-2 weeks once they become adults.

Come in and see him! He really is beautiful!

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